Consultation Process


We offer a number of programs to address common business requests for defining outside assessment, advice, planning and execution for small, medium and large organizations. The Following programs are standard plans we offer in addition to our more targeted assignments.


Company Overview and Assessment:
We conduct an objective overview of your enterprise and report on areas of general concern that may require more in-depth analysis and resolution.


Depending on the size and complexity of your organization, this can be a 1-day to multiple week engagement. Rates for this program depend on the consultant that we assign to your project. Estimation of cost will be determined from the initial clients interview, and agreed on before the assignment begins.


Monthly Business Review:
Organizations receive 16 hours of consulting each month for telephone or site work. This may include participation in the monthly management meeting, board meetings, and executive one-on-one coaching or other directed assignments of importance to the company.


Interim Chief Executive Officer:
Interim Chief Executive Officer: Full charge executive oversight and control of your business. This service provides an immediate assessment of the enterprise with strong action plans and frequent communications with the ownership or board of directors on key areas of focus and strategies appropriate for conditions.


Executive Candidate Assessment:
We conduct an unbiased assessment of potential new hire candidates for key employee positions within your company. This used to obtain a fresh set eyes, eliminate any internal political conflicts, and to insure a professional process in the selection of key executives.

Change Agent: Organizations that are embarking on substantial reorganization, relocation, mergers, acquisitions, or substantial operational changes may wish to have outside assistance to facilitate the change process and keep ownership aware of the progress, problems, and plans for resolution.


Annual Strategy and Business Planning:
Management may wish to use objective experience management consultant to plan and facilitate the annual process of assessing the past and future of the business. This program will begin with development of the company-specific process with the client for assessing where the business stands and where ownership wishes for the business to go in a specific period of time. Diagnostic work will be done to gain an in-depth understanding of the organization and its current state. A SWOT analysis will be conducted to determine: Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats followed by the development of strategies to deal with each. Business plans and operating budgets will also be used to tie in the overall plan together with roles, and goals for the management and employees. A company navigation system is devised under the guiding principles of a statement of core values, a clear mission statement defining the purpose and what we all must achieve, and a vision of the future, clarifying where we are going on a long-term view.