Creating the right environment

So much in business depends on motivating others. There is only so much any one person can do, so getting the most out of others is crucial to success. This all begins with winning trust – everything else follows.

Motivating others is an essential part of leadership. Your ability to motivate others relies on what they think of you and how they think you view them. This requires planning and vigilance and knowing that different people are motivated by different things. To motivate effectively, you need to know what motivates each person, the pressures they face, what influences their decisions and thinking, and how you can make a difference. These nine principles of motivation will help you to help your colleagues.

1.      Be motivated yourself

Self-motivation rallies others. People will ‘step up to the plate’ if you do so yourself. Knowing what motivates you will help you to motivate others.

2.      Recruit people who are highly motivated and assign them to the right position

Match people’s motivation to their job. Some are motivated by making sales while others are motivated by following processes, building teams or pursuing new ideas.

3.      Treat people as individuals

We all have different values and personalities. What works for one may not motivate another. So, tap into what motivates each individual to improve performance.

4.      Set challenging but realistic targets

Nothing is more demotivating than unachievable targets. Nothing is more motivating than achievable, we-can-beat-the-competition targets – they tap into our competitiveness and desire to produce something to be proud of.

5.      Focus on progress – it motivates

Everyone responds to a pat on the back – they’ve earned it and deserve it, so make it happen. The result: an upward spiral of people wanting to achieve more.

6.      Develop an environment that motivates people

Eliminate or minimize anything that blocks motivation – from bureaucracy and unnecessary procedures to lack of resources. Provide training and coaching to develop skills and to make people feel valued.

7.      Ensure that people receive fair rewards

Promotion, pay rises, sales commission, profit share, work benefits, additional responsibilities: these motivate people. They give people a reason to stay and to help your company excel.

8.      Recognize people’s work

We all want our efforts to be acknowledged. Recognition is needed to maintain commitment.

9.      Be honest about your intent

Honesty lies at the heart of motivation. Be clear about what your intentions are. People will be motivated only by those they can trust.